Foundational Laws

The Foundational Laws are the defining laws on which Byzantium Novum is built. They are superior to all Laws, the Constitution, Edicts, popular votes, decrees, etc. These Laws are unchangeable and cannot be altered or revoked by any means including Emperor or Empress, Nobility, Consuls or Magistrates, or any popular vote. They cannot be superseded or amended by subsequent laws or votes in any form.  Any vote, law, decree, Imperial decree, Constitutional change, policy etc. which attempts to subvert or supersede these foundational principles is instantly null and void.

All Citizens agree to uphold these laws upon joining, and to uphold them so long as they retain Citizenship in Byzantium Novum.  (This ensures that Byzantium Novum remains intact and cannot be usurped and fundamentally changed.)

Why all these rules? These are issues that have been argued *endlessly* in some other micronational communities. These laws exist for the purpose of providing stability and positive definition rather than restriction. They are opportunities and a guarantee of harmony rather than a list of "thou shalt nots". Their goal is to minimize controversy within the Byzantium Novum empire.


FOUNDATIONAL LAWS established at the creation of Byzantium Novum in 2010 AD:

1. The ultimate purposes of Byzantium Novum are:

I. To establish a small modern Byzantine styled micronational state which enjoys limited sovereignty and self governance.
II. To explore Byzantine culture,  religion, and history in the modern world in a positive and engaging way.
III. To provide positive Byzantine Community internationally through live events in our Provinces. 
IV. To work toward procuring 100 or more contiguous acres for a world capital.
V. To procure smaller parcels of land within each Province where possible for the use of Byzantium Novum Citizens.
VI. To maintain a treasury with money being reserved yearly for the purchase of lands and to fund events in the Provinces.
VII. To support international charity and scholarships with no less than 10% of  the Citizen taxes each year.
VIII. To support Byzantine Orthodox Church worldwide, and to establish it within Byzantium Novum. 
IX. To peacefully maintain classical Roman and Hellenistic worship (with modern adaptations) through the Temple of Victory.
X. To support historical festivals and military reenactments that promote Byzantine civilization.
XI. To work toward international recognition for Byzantium Novum as a living, legitimate successor state to the Byzantine Empire.

2. Byzantium Novum exists as a Micronation, or "small nation". It lays claims to physical existence, the right to own and maintain land and property, and to enjoy limited self sovereignty. It may be referred to as a Micronation, Sovereignty Project,  Nation or Empire. It is not merely an "organization", "club", "group", "corporation" or "community" and while those terms may be *part* of what Byzantium Novum may build, we shall remain an attempt at building a small physical nation with limited sovereignty. Our public materials must always clearly reflect this intent on the welcome page of our site, and throughout our website on those interior pages  which mention of our basic organization structure and activities. At such point in the ultimate future we might become a fully recognized sovereign nation, we may abandon the word "micronation" for "nation".   

3. Byzantium Novum is a peaceful Micronation. We abandon all violence or attempts to coerce other nations, communities or individuals by force. We seek no aggressive resolution to or continuation of any historical event. While we do hold the right to maintain a "militarium" for the purposes of historical reenactment, it has no political or territorial function.

4. Byzantium Novum enjoys freedom from discrimination. Anyone may become a Citizen regardless of nationality, race, gender, creed, religion, sexual orientation, physical handicap, etc. Anyone over the age of 18 may hold political office, and vote in elections if they are full citizens who have paid the yearly Citizenship fee. As part of this freedom, women may hold offices that were denied them during the historical Byzantine Empire.

5. Byzantium Novum enjoys freedom from religious intolerance. Although the Byzantine Church enjoys primacy, other historical religions which existed between 324 and 1479AD are allowed public stature. (Citizens from later religions/sects of course enjoy full individual rights to speak and hold office, but their religious organizations must exist outside Byzantium Novum publicly.)

6. As a Micronation, Byzantium Novum hopes to one day earn legal and official recognition by the nations around the world where our Citizens reside. As we recognize our sovereignty is limited by official international acceptance, we understand that we and our Citizens are subject to the laws of the nations in which we exist. We therefore renounce all illegal action and willingly conform to the laws of other nations.

7. "For Life" positions and offices are considered to be held "for the physical life of the individual" on which they have been bestowed. They may only be removed with the public agreement and consent of the individual holding the office or position. After such consent is given, there is a 90 day grace period by which they may resume their office or position without penalty.

8. The official religious languages of Byzantium Novum are Classical Latin and Greek. The official business language of Byzantium Novum is English. Our materials may be translated into other modern languages for the convenience of our Citizens and made available as is practical.

9. Basic Citizenship in Byzantium Novum is free. This allows use of all public religious and secular forums, the right to attend public events within the various Byzantine Prefectures, and to participate in public discussions. Voting Citizenship is not free, and will be based on a set yearly fee based in US currency. Voting Citizenship allows Citizens to participate in voting, hold public offices, be part of the Nobility, and to receive all other rights that shall be reserved for that status.

10. Citizens of Byzantium Novum may choose a "Byzantine Name" and/or "persona" for their civic participation in our Micronation and community. This Name/persona is encouraged to be as historically based as possible. The Byzantine Citizen name/persona does not have to be based on their legal status or gender in their nation of residence or origin.

11. While Byzantium Novum is historically based and is a revival of Byzantine sovereignty, community and culture, it is not a "reconstructionist" nation, community or organization. We are a community that recognizes the modern world and adapts Byzantine culture and civilization to it where necessary. While accredited Byzantine scholars are respected and valued here, they do not automatically gain primacy because of historical knowledge as we are a blend of both ancient and modern together.

12. The focus of Byzantium Novum should be outward rather than inward. Our goal should be creating as much "physical world" infrastructure as possible, including the hosting of live events, meetings, festivals, religious services, etc. Many sovereignty projects fall prey to the "easy path" of continually refining their internal structure by creating rules and laws rather than doing work in the real world. This should be avoided, and magistrates should be respected for real world activity more than lawmaking.

13. The main Byzantium Novum internet site is reserved to be a standard website with basic public information. Its basic structure may not be changed to a multi-user generated content pages such as a "wiki." Byzantium Novum may use multi user content pages as information storage, but such content should be secondary and not our main public presentation.

14. Non-elected positions such as Senate and Priesthood may not be subject to minimum activity requirements. Citizens holding such offices may not be removed for "inactivity" but instead should be listed as "on hiatus" after being inactive for six months or more. If they should choose to return they may pick up their duties and status at any time without penalty. Non-elected officials who do not pay their Citizenship taxes may not vote and will be listed as "on hiatus" until their taxes are paid. At that time they may return to their position with full rights and without penalty.

15. There will be only one status level for active members of the Priesthood, Senate and basic magistracies who are not listed as absent and "on hiatus". There will be no division of status between "voting" and "non-voting", or "speaking" and "non-speaking" officers who are present and who have paid their Citizen dues. This will ensure that no faction may force any active officer from their rights to speak or vote.

16. In recompense for creating Byzantium Novum, Marcus Cassius Julianus is granted both the status of Senator and the position of Pontifex Maximus of the classical Roman religion  for life. As the founder he is acknowledged as Pater Patriae of Byantium Novum.

17. In acknowledgement and gratitude for outstanding service to both Micronationalism and Eternal Rome, Flavius Vedius Germanicus is appointed to the position of Senator for life.

17. As they are completely foreign to modern sensibility and society, the Eastern imperial reservation of positions for eunuchs is not included in any form within Byzantium Novum. Slavery is also abolished.

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