Byzantium Novum Sovereignty

Byzantium Novum is a is a sovereign nation. We see ourselves as a legitimate successor state to the Byzantine Empire, and as such we have modeled many aspects our political and governmental structure on ancient Byzantine forms. However, we are a modern nation also and have added much that is new. To this end, we have created a Constitution that details the political and religious mechanisms by which our nation operates.


In the year 2010 AD, the Government and Citizens of Byzantium Novum issued a Declaration to the world announcing our formal investiture as a sovereign nation and outlining our broadest goals.

In declaring ourselves to be a sovereign nation, we have taken a bold step, but hardly one that is without precedent. The concept of "model nations" or "micronations" is one that has grown significantly in recent decades, and it is in that spirit that our version of Limited Sovereignty is proclaimed. Even though we do make modest territorial claims in "the real world", and are completely serious in making them, we have also established, as one of our most basic tenets in this regard, that we wish to achieve these goals peacefully and consensually, and:

  1. We will never, ever, under any circumstances, resort to or condone the use of force, coercion, or intimidation of any sort to achieve our territorial goals.

  2. We will always respect the spirit and letter of the laws of the countries of which we are citizens and in which we reside.

In other words, we have zero interest in following the path set by the "Freemen" of Montana and other groups, and we will not tolerate attempts to push us in that direction. We will either purchase our territories legally or have them given to us freely by those who see the righteousness of our cause. Until then we are content to function as a historical "government in exile".

The name "Byzantium Novum"  and the words "Byzantium Novum" combined with the double eagle symbol are use copyrighted by Byzantium Novum. They may not be used without permission.  

Byzantium Novum also has a national flag The Crowned Double Eagle in Gold, on a red field, with "Byzantium Novum" in both the Greek and Latin Alphabets:



The National Flag of Byzantium Novum


The basic unit of administration within Byzantium Novum is the Province. In most cases, Provinces follow national boundaries, but in some instances (for example, the United States), a given country may be divided into a number of different Provinces. At the discretion of the governor of a given Province, it may further be divided into Regiae. In the United States and Canada, such Regiae usually follow state boundaries. Provincial governors will bear one of four titles; Consul, Praetor, Proconsul, or Propraetor, and are appointed by the Senate.

Elections of magistrates take place in December of each year. Terms of office begin on January 1 and usually last for one  year, with the exception of the Censors, who are elected to five-year terms. All magistrates are required to be publicly respectful of the Byzantine Orthodox Church. They need not be members of the Church in their private lives, but be publicly deferential to it in their public role as magistrates.


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